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About Us

We are 4Point Real Estate Investment Limited, a company built on the belief that it is the inalienable right of people to have homes built with innovation and a plan to exceed common expectation. This has led us to create real estate opportunities tailored to meet the needs of our customers and prospects.

We focus on providing world class estate development and management with flexible financing solutions for the purpose of delivering quality housing and infrastructure in various forms within the shortest period. Our clients include individuals, cooperative societies, government institutions and companies.


The role of real estate

Consumers cannot be over-emphasized, as they are involved in service production and affect the overall service delivery.

Our Focus

We will focus on sales and developing property in Lagos and Ogun State.

Our Relationship

4 Point intends to create better consumers’ satisfaction also tailoring products to suit her clientele needs.

Our Key Factors
4 Points takes into cognizance Four(4) key components to consumers’ satisfaction in real estate agency which are :
◦“God factor”
◦“Outstanding performance”
◦“Timely delivery”